The control panel is freestanding and it is fixed to a plastic sealed case. The operating elements are clearly placed on the control board, most of them being pressed in to a clingfilm. The yellow buttons control 12 lines either separately, in pairs or all together. There is maximum of 10 modules TIG 05R to be connected to each line, total 120 modules, and they can fire other modules themselves. By doing so, the number of firing can be multiplied. The data for the operating itself can be set up by blue and yellow buttons or from PC using software which is a part of the equipment (connector RS232). The data are then displayed on 4-line display. The prevention of accidental firing while manipulating or programming is controlled by interlock switch key Activate, after deactivating the interlock the equipment is ready to activate the direct distance demand by pressing the button CENTRAL Start – for one or a group of pre-selected lines or by button 1 to 24 – for activation of each individual shots within the pre-selected line. During the first activation of the direct distance demand there is the clock on the smaller display being automatically activated. The panel is supplied by an internal or external storage battery 12V/2,1Ah or by external power supply TIG 07, which shall be connected onto the screw terminals at the back side of the case. If required, switching unit can be added. This switching unit automatically turns off the internal storage battery at the very moment of connecting the external storage battery. Minimal capacity of the storage battery is signalized on display. In case the capacity is insufficient, the storage battery needs to be charged by adapter into the connector for external storage battery necessary for providing reliable running. We recommend use the recharging device 12V/500mA. Magnetic antenna shall be placed on three point stand bracket and connected to panel BNC connector on the back side of the case by coaxial cable. Recommended distance for manoeuvring the radio signal is 1000m in an open area, to get better radius we recommend use directive antenna. TIG 05CP is supplied standard with a small stand and with antenna, without ACU.

TIG 05CP - Operating elements

Display no. 1 (1) - shows number of line
- number of connected modules TIG 05R
- connected positions of blasting cable on the module
- signal value in %
- TIG 05R module ACU capacity
- TIG 05CP ACU capacity
Buttons +, - and Esc (2) used for display control
Display no. 2 (3) timer
Button Start/Stop/Reset (4) used for timer control
Buttons 1 - 12 (5) lines set up (max 10 TIG 05R modules to by connected on one line)
Buttons 1 - 24 (6) individual shots control on module TIG 05R
Power button(7) equipment activation
Activate switch with key (8) switching device with key for distance activation blocking
Central start button (9) remount control activation
RS232 connector (10) input for programming the data from PC
Ext. ACC 12V connector (11) connector for internal storage battery capacity charging


Three-point stand for antenna

External power supply TIG 07



TIG 05CP and TIG 05HRC brochure
(PDF format, 1MB size)

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