Bennefits of launching device TIG 05R:

  • 24 individual shots
  • minimal time between each shot = 0,05 sec.
  • selection of shot mode regime right on the panel:
    - program
    - manual
    - sequence
  • initiation by:
    - radio signal
    - electric impulse
    - manualy (directly from panel)
  • programming on the panel or from PC
  • guaranty and warranty customer service


The launching module is placed in plastic sealed case and it is sufficiently protected from stronger strokes and shakes. Basic version of the module is supplied without storage battery and radio manoeuvring. If required, internal storage battery 12V/2,2Ah, external ACU TIG 07 – 12V/7,2Ah and switching unit can be added. This switching unit automatically turns off the internal storage battery at the very moment of connecting the external storage battery. For charging the storage battery, we recommend use the recharging device 12V/500mA. There are controls for setting up the functions and firing placed on the panel. There are 24 pieces of connecting points – reproconnectors for firing, which are used for firing the electric primers. It is possible to connect up to 4 electric primers to each point. These electric primers are lined to a set, number of module firing shall be then multiplied to 4 x 24 = 96 primers. Each functions can be manoeuvred directly from the panel, distantly by input electric signal from other equipment or by radio demand from remount control TIG 05HRC or TIG 05CP. Firing is possible in several regimes: Program, Manual and Sequence. In the regime Sequence, there is a function for measuring the connecting presence of the electric primers. At the back side of the case there are screw connectors for connecting external storage battery and a BNC panel connector for connecting the antenna cable. External antenna is magnetic and is usually placed on a three-point stand. Recommended radius of radio signal is max. 1000m in an open area.

Drivers and elements of the panel

Display (1) time of shot, timer (max. 99:59:50)
Button Enter (2) for time confirmation - minutes/seconds/ten-thousands of seconds
Buttons + and - (3) selects the numeral clock state
Buttons Select + and Select - (4) shooting selection, location of shot clock state
24 diodes (5) - signalization of pre-programmed shot
- signalization of connected shots (measurement)
ACU control pilot light (6) red light signalizes insufficient capacity of ACU
Ext. ACC connector (7) for connectiong the external storage battery (charging)
Power switch (8) main switch
Start button (9) button for manual activation of the shot
PC connector (10) for operating from PC
Mode selector (11) Program - Manual - Sequence
Input connector (12) connector for manoeuvring the input electric pulse
Radio switch (13) switch for manoeuvring by radio signal
Exit points (14) repro-connectors for connecting the electric blasting cable
Screw connectors (backside of case) for connecting external ACU
BNC connector (backside of case) for connecting the antenna coaxial cable NC


Storage battery: Internal ACU 12V/2.1Ah, external storage battery TIG 07 (ACU 12V/7.2Ah)
Size of the firing power: 12V/2,5A/150ms, input signal for activation of panel TIG05R = min. 8V/50ms
Total number of shots: 1 to 24 (individually, arbitrary in a group of together)
Max. number of el. primers in series: 4 (total number of shots = 24 x 4 = 96 shots)
Minimal time between shots 0,05s
Service criteria: - Temperature: -25 to 50°C
- Relative humidity: max. 85%
Bus: Two lined Cu 0,5mm
Max. reach for operating by radio signal: Max. 1000m in an open area without distraction
Way of firing: - Manualy
- Distantly by electric pulse
- By radio signal
Basic functions: - Storage battery capacity control
- Display with time data (from 00:00:00 to 99:59:99)
- Measurement of connected el. primers presence (red light)
- Signalization of futher shot
- Response control firing by diode extinction
Firing regime Program: Automatic firing of pre-selected shots by time axis
Firing regime Manual: Manual firing of pre-selected shots by time axis
Firing regime Sequence: - Sequential automatic firing from 1 to 24 by pre-selected time interval
- Sequential manual firing from 1 to 24


Remote control TIG 05HRC

Radio control panel TIG 05CP

Three-point stand for antenna

External power supply TIG 07



TIG 05R brochure
(PDF format, 0,9MB size)

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