The programmable launching device TIG 03 is intended to perform controlled launching of 1 up to 100 pieces of instantaneous fuses used for fireworks.

Bennefits of the device TIG 03:

  • simple control for anybody, it is sufficient to study the control diagram
  • it does not require any auxiliary device, e.g. a computer, an external power supply, for operation
  • number of launches: 1 up to 100 according to the number of launching modules connected (400 launches in series connecting)
  • it is possible to launch an arbitrary number of electric fuses - up to 100 pieces (even together) at any time
  • launching is possible either through:
    - programming mode
    - direct manual selection
    - manual selection with successive launching of programmed launches
    - synchronized with musical accompaniment from CD
  • minimum number of components, easy storability and transport
  • it complies with the demands for resistance against humidity and shocks
  • guarentee and after - guarentee service


The launching system is controlled centrally from the control panel (A) encased in a case which is hermetically sealed and protects the system against moisture, stronger impacts and shocks. All function of the control system are controlled using a twelve-position keyboard and mechanic controls positioned on the panel in a convenient way. 1 up to 5 modules (B) are used to perform launching electric fuses and each module is provided with 20 connecting points for launches. 4 electric fuses connented in series can be linked to each point, which increase the number of launches to 400. A module is connected to the control panel through the cable (C). When connecting more modules, they are interconnected mutually in series through the same cables (C), cables can be combined. All cables are provided with special plugs while the one of them is provided with one plug cranked with the angle of 90° for connection to the control panel. The last module in series has to be terminated with the terminal plug for communication circuit closing (D).


A - Control panel (1x)

B - Launching modules (5x)

C - Interconn. cables 20m (5x)

D - Terminal plug (1x)

E - Charging adapter 230V (1x)


The control system is powered from the internal accumulator 12V/8Ah located in the case under the control panel. The control panel is controlled using one processor. Launching voltage of 50VDC when a current of at least 5A is flowing through the electric fuse for the period of 150ms is utilized for launching. The launching device is able to activate launching electric fuses in an arbitrary number - up to 100 pieces (even all together) anytime. Presence of the launching voltage and its activation for launching is possible only after unlocking using the key of turning switch.

Control panel overview

Display (1) - number of launch, timing clocks (max. 99:59:00)
- number of directory (code of function)
Keyboard (2) for order number of launches, timing clock, number of directory, copy and cancel date, code functions
Accumulator display (3) displays capacity of internal accumulator and charge of accumulator
Switch of mode functions (4) look at Control panel functions
Main power button (5) turn ON/OFF switch
Pushbutton Start (6) for lauching (activation of launching voltage)
Turning switch with key (7) - position 0: only voltage for measurement of presence of the connected fuses
- position 1: activation of launching voltage
Plug for connection cable (8) used for connection cable conecting
Connectore for external accu. 12V (9) red controll diode indicates connecting with external power source
Connectore for charging adapter (10) red controll diode lights, when internal accu. is charged
Audio connectore (11) for connection with audio source (for firing synchronized with music)

Control panel functions:

  • Mode "111":
    • measurement of presence of the connected fuses
  • Mode "222":
    • programming of the sequence of launches in time from 00:00:00min. up to 99:59:50min. with a step 0,1 sec.
    • number of directory: 0, 1, 2, 3 - possibly of order and save of date, copy and cance of date
  • Mode "333":
    • program course testing with check of the response of the set launches (in this mode is program stored to module memory)
  • Mode "444":
    • program launching with utilization of the time clock on the display
    • manual launching succesive of programmed launches
    • synchronized launching with musical arrangement from CD
  • Mode "555":
    • manual launching individual fuses with utilization of the timing clock on the display


The launching module system is positioned in a hermetically sealed box made of resistant PVC. 10 + 10 pieces of screwing connectors or 20 pairs of reproconnectors for connection of wires of electric fuses and 2 pieces of plugs for connection of interconnecting cables are arranged in a parallel way on the top part of the box. Each launching module is controlled with one procesor. The circuits for measurement of the presence of fuses, the circuits for launching fuses and the converters for creating voltage to enable of fuses.



External accu. cable

Audio cable (10m)

Audio connectors

Cable extender

Imitation of electric fuses


Source voltage: Internal accumulator 12V/8Ah
Reserve source: External accumulator 12V
Charging internal source: Charging adapter 230V/12, from reserve source 12V
Launching voltage: 50V
Launching current: 5A
Number of launches: 1 to 100 (succesive, or all at once)
Max. number of electric fuses in series: 4
Number of launches with max. series connection: 400
Time of launches impuls: 150ms
Minimal time between launches
Minimal time between launches: 0,1s (launching from control panel, or from CD - music synchronization)
Operation conditions
Temperature: -25 to 50°C
Max. relative humidity: Max. 85%
Launching module
Humidity resistance: IP 60
Number of launches / 1 module: 20 connectors
Number of modules: 5pcs (reproconnectors)
Connection: 1 - 5 modules
Interconnection cables: 5pcs = 20m
Max. lenght of connection: 5pcs of modules = 130m (from control panel to last module)
Control panel
Basic functions: - Control of internal accu. capacity
- Time display (from 00:00:00 to 99:59:00)
Number of directories: Together 4 (Nr. 0, 1, 2 and 3)
Mode 111: Measurement of presence connected fuses
Mode 222: Programming of the seq. of launches in time from 0 up to 99:59:00 with a step 0,1 sec.
Mode 333: Program course testing with check of the response of the set launches (with program writing to memory)
Mode 444: - Program launching with utilization of the timing clock on the display
- Manual launching succesive of program launches
- Synchronized launching with musical arrangement from CD
Mode 555: Manual launching individual fuses with utilization of the timing clock on the display


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