Firework timer is set mainly for timed launching of the ball bombs of fireworks. The timer is completely manufactured from stainless steel material. It consists of two basic parts (A and B), which can be easily assembled thanks to two tipping screw clips. The whole system of the timer depends on the length of the mortar tubular segments spacing of the part A and used diameter of the fuse. This fuse continually flames within the whole length of the timer part with a set up time interval for each holes of the tubular segments, where the activation takes pace, for example the burning paper fuse connected to given segment.


  • repeatable timer use
  • simple preparation even out of terrain
  • easy assembly to the mortars
  • minimal expenses costs

Part A:

Part B:


Production code FAB000 FAB001 FAB002
Nomber pin 6 6 6
Timer length (mm) 306 356 406
Time delay (fuse diameter 1,5mm) 3 sek. 3,5 sek. 4 sek.
Time delay (fuse diameter 3mm) 5 sek. 5,7 sek. 6,5 sek.


The timer consists of two parts (A and B), which are separed from each other by loosening the nuts on both sides and following their tipping. There are tubbular segments being welded on the part A. They are there for income of the burning paper fuse for example from ball bombs. At the bottom part of the segment there are holes for fuse lacing. The fuse shall be laced through the holes one after another within all segments. The fuse shall be tightended up to each segment by a piece of cello tape. This task is imortant for the fuse to have exactly defined the flame path so it cannot be "fired" out of the segment (see picture 1). Once the part A is prepared in the above statedwaym it can be put on part B, the tipping screws will screw into the groove in part A and booth parts shall be put together as one unit by fastening up both nuts. It is necessary to bend the end of the burning paper fuse (see picture 2) into half, after this adjustment it will be inserted into the tubular segment and it will be fastened by a cello tape (see picture 3). Electric primer shall be then inserted into burning paper fuse where there is a groove slightly cut in advance over the segment and again it shall be fastened by a cello tape. The timer is manufactured for 6 launching positions and the time delay interval depends on the length of the tubular segments spacing and the diameter or on the type of used fuse (see table of the basic technical parameters). We recomended to fasten the timer to the mortar holders by tightening electrician tape or it can be hung up using both nutsif using the mortars. After being used, both parts A and B will get separated, they shall be cleaned and again shall be prepared for furthe usage.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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