Module TIG UNI is set up for launching 21 pieces of fireworks mortars with the possibility to set the individual tilt of each chamber up. The module is manufactured for mortars with external diameter 40 - 60mm. Mortar in chamber is fixed by pressure of flat spring G. The tilt of each chamber is fixed by friction between the side walls of the chamber and the side walls of the holders profile, the friction shall be set up by loosening the nut and then the tilt shall be fixed by fastening it up. There are seven of them in each line. It is made of stainless steel holder A, two side profiles B and 21 pieces of mortar chambers C. All of the chambers are connected with the holder by a screw with a nut at the end of one side. All parts are coated by galvanized nickel or varnish. The data bus D with 24 pieces of repro-connectors can be put on one of the side profiles (fixed by safety pin E) so it feeds the wire from each mortar C. There are also two 28pin connectors for the supply of the launching power from TIG 05R (cable 5m F) as a part of the data bus. The second connector is connected for interconnection with other data bus TIG UNI. The data bus is not a part of TIG UNI and it is supplied as accessory. At the bottom part of each cartridge corner there are flat consoles being welded - so called legs. It is possible to put each module on the top of each other if transported, that flat consoles fit into the holder A at its top part and they fully protect the module against accidental sliding.


  • 21 mortar chambers for mortars extern. diameter 40 - 60mm
  • arbitrary set up of each chamber angle tilt
  • modules stack for transport
  • easy assembly of wires from mortar into data bus D
  • easy assembly of chamber tilts
  • high stability in terrain even without fixation

The mortars with external diameter of 40 to 60mm can be inserted into the mortar chambers, the module construction allows to use also the mortars for ball bombs with maximal external diameter up to 60mm.


Connection cable (5m) (D)

Safety pins (E)

Flat spring (G)

Data bus (D)

Mortar chamber (C)


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